Maritime DevCon is an all-day developer conference designed to connect, inspire, and educate software development professionals and professionals-to-be.

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Martime DevCon 2020









Wu Conference Centre
Fredericton, New Brunswick


Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th

Created By Development Professionals, For Development Professionals

Our board and organizing volunteers are a diverse group of development professionals that work diligently every year to provide an excellent one-day event.

2019 Speakers

Dave Astels

Primer on Python and CircuitPython: Python on Hardware

Sandy Walsh

Golang 101

Axel-Christian Guéi

Short on time? Accelerate Your Data Science with GPUs

Matt VanTassel

Monitor All the Things!

Josh Comer

Mesh Isn’t Just For the Club (Anymore)

Matt Taylor

Securing the Cloud - How Not to End Up in the News

Brandon Richardson

What It’s LIke Contributing to Git

Terri McAllister

Analysis Paralysis and Effective Decision Making

Darryl Dutton

It’s time...Serverless Computing and DevOps for Mere Mortals

Angus Fletcher

Shaping Innovation: What Gets Made, How and Why?

Book Sadprasid

Smart Community: What Can We Do To Make This an Actual Reality

Chris Fullerton

Event Driven Architectures

Patrick LaRoche

Minimal Likeable Process - Scrum? Kanban? Just get work done!

Chris Dail

The Good Code

Brian Dunphy

Rise of the Technical UX Designer: Prototyping w/Framer X + React

Simon Gauvin

Building Scalable Web Apps in Google Firebase and Polymer Web Components

Alex Keeling

Using and Abusing AWS Lambda

Matt Duffy

Adapt & Overcome: Dependency Management in Existing Codebases

Erik Scheme and Pat Kerry

The Changing Role of Technology in Healthcare

Colin Casey


Kolton Gagnon

How Design Systems Can Improve Your Design / Engineering Process

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