Our Purpose

Maritime DevCon is a nonprofit, volunteer run group supporting the software development community. Our vision is to support a strong, inclusive software development community in and around the Canadian east coast with high quality in-person events and an active online discussion community.

Our Values

Respectful, Inclusive Community

We strive to be an attractant for practicing and aspiring software professionals to gather, learn, and connect. We value all experience levels from students and self-taught novices to industry veterans. We value gender, race, and age diversity. We do not tolerate chauvinism, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. We partner with reputable organizations who share these principles.

High Quality In-Person Events

Our anchor point and our raison d’être is a high quality in-person conference. We value knowledgeable and articulate presenters; comfortable and clean venues; good quality and quantity of food; a thoughtful schedule; and an emphasis on a positive experience for each attendee. We provide novice speakers with resources and support to be successful.

Diverse Content

We welcome discussions and presentations from all areas of software development. We embrace content on any language or technology with broad appeal. We encourage both introductory and deep dive sessions. We avoid sessions that are advertisements or recruiting stunts.

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Our Board

Derek Hatchard

Derek Hatchard

Derek is our fearless leader on the Maritime DevCon board serving as our founder and current organizing chair. Derek is…[Read More]


Nick Fitzpatrick

Nick Fitzpatrick

Nick is a software engineer at LiveOps Cloud. Nick grew up…[Read More]


Shawn Duggan

Shawn Duggan has over 17 years’ experience designing and developing enterprise solutions, specializing in web application development on the Microsoft platform. When he…[Read More]


Tim Astle

A born and raised New Brunswicker originally hailing from Exmoor…[Read More]


Genevieve Coates

Genevieve Coates

Genevieve Coates is a business owner specializing in Social Media, Digital and Creative marketing through her company Generate Creative Consulting[Read More]


Mahsa Kiani

Mahsa Kiani is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick. She hold a Master’s degree…[Read More]


Brian Dunphy

Brian has been a Graphic Designer, Front-End Developer, UX Designer, Director (Product Development), CTO and CEO…[Read More]


Andrew Grothe

Andrew Grothe

Andrew is a technology consultant mostly devoted to providing Microsoft related technical solutions to public sector organizations. Andrew has been…[Read More]