Maritime DevCon 2016 Recap - Maritime DevCon 2016 is officially over, but while it lasted, WOW! We are so impressed with the excitement and energy that was created when over 150 development professionals got together in one place. Before the after glow fades too much, we wanted to recap the great times had at Maritime DevCon 2016. First up, we had our amazing registration process run by the Cvent team using their kick-ass technology. Self check-in kiosks, handheld device scans, badge printers that were done in under 5 seconds and best of all no lines! Big thank you to Cvent and their team members with shout outs to Brian, Suhaim, Dani, Trent, Jason, and everyone […]
Meet Our Panelists for Fostering Inclusive Workplaces - As currently the sole female on the organizing board for Maritime DevCon (other interested women, please join us!) having more women speak, attend and also work in development industry is a personal passion of mine. It is also a major passion of our current chair and founder of Maritime DevCon, Derek Hatchard who is the driving force behind our panel, Fostering Inclusive Workplaces. Last year in 2015 we had 10% female attendance to Maritime DevCon with 1 female speaker. This year we’ve grown to 15% and will have 5 women in speaker roles. That’s still not where we need to be as a conference, a region or an industry. Our industry […]
Meet Our Speaker Ryan - If you are still looking for the perfect session to round out your Maritime DevCon experience, then have we got one for you coming from our speaker, Ryan Brideau. Ryan has a bit of passion for optimizing and turning data into usable information, just check out the Citizens Code projects he’s been involved with. When it comes to his session at Maritime DevCon, he is definitely bringing along that passion to his talk, Streaming Geo-Visualizations with D3, Mapbox and RethinkDB. Ryan told us all about what you can expect. “Traditional browser-based map visualizations depend on one-time or regularly occurring batch processing and are displayed using either pre-rendered image tiles or on […]
Meet Our Speaker Darryl - One of the big goals of Maritime DevCon is to make sure people know that the Maritimes is the place to be in order to grow your development based professional career, but Maybe it is time to take up acting… No, seriously, you should. Not convinced? Well then, you will just have to make sure that you check out our speaker Darryl Dutton’s session this year! Darryl told us a little bit about his session. “The pressure is on to keep up with customer demands on functionality and performance, while data sizes are growing at unprecedented rate. The standard n-tier style architecture is starting to show its age in handling these […]
Meet Our Speaker Sam - Maritime DevCon brings together all different types of developers and that means we need sessions on all different types of topics. Our next speaker, Sam Stiles, is helping to add some of that topic diversity. Sam will be presenting Functional UI & Game Development in Your Browser, which he has told us “My panel explores a few options developers have if they’d like to experiment with something that differs from the classic imperative MVC-style frontend development they’re probably used to. In addition, on the game development side of things, it aims to inform developers of the ever-increasing viability of web technologies (JS, WebGL) as tools to choose when looking to […]
Meet Our Speaker Nick -   Some of our speakers are just really dedicated to their Maritime roots, including our next speaker who re-arranged his travel schedule to make sure he was available to speak, Nicholas Kennedy. Nick will be bringing us a talk on The Future of Frontend – Intro to Elm, which when we asked him what it was all about he said, “My panel is about the Functional Programming language Elm, and how its core principles have influenced the JS world. JS devs should love/learn Elm because it’s everything we love about modern JS, but better/cleaner/easy/fun (IMO) :). Learning Elm will make you a better developer and is a great intro to FP concepts (whether you end […]
Meet Our Speaker Andrew - Traveling over from Halifax to join us for Maritime DevCon is our next speaker Andrew Burke. This will be Andrew’s first time attending Maritime DevCon so when we asked him what he thought of the conference he told us, “I haven’t been yet so I don’t know! So far, though, I really like having a technology conference that I can drive to. We need more of these in the Maritimes. I enjoy sharing my discoveries and ideas with people, and hearing what they think about them. I’m mostly a solo developer, so it’s also great to get out and meet new people in person.” Andrew will be presenting Four Weird Things About […]
Mobile Schedule - We want to make sure that planning your day at Maritime DevCon is a quick and easy process for you. We are happy to announce today the launch of our mobile schedule website. Head over to and have a look for yourself. Check out some of the features we have available. So grab your favourite mobile device, head on over to and start planning your Maritime DevCon!
Meet Our Speaker Michael - Long time attendee Michael Easter is excited to be presenting at this year’s DevCon saying, “I’ve enjoyed past Maritime DevCons and feel that I can contribute to this one. The energy created by having like-minded devs in the same venue is my favourite thing about Maritime DevCon!” Michael will be presenting Covert Ops: Transform Your Java team (from the inside!) with Groovy, which he says is a must attend because “Having observed the impact of Groovy on Java teams, I can help bridge the gap that occurs between the elation of the “conference buzz” and reality of the “Monday morning hangover”.” If you want to see more about Michael’s session and his bio check […]
Meet Our Speaker Angus - We meet another returning speaker today, Angus Fletcher. He returned this year because, “I spoke last year and enjoyed myself, and y’all were kind enough to have me back! My favourite part of Maritime DevCon is seeing a bunch of lovely and talented people talk about what fascinates them.” People were definitely fascinated by Angus’s session last year and this year he brings us another great topic with Building Concurrent Systems in a Hostile Environment. In speaking about his session, Angus told us, “The last time I spoke it was about testing complex systems. Since that time, my work has been more about systems once they get into production. Concurrent systems […]