Call For Speakers 2020

Submission deadline is Tuesday, March 31st, 2020.

Maritime DevCon is a regional conference run by developers for developers. The east coast of Canada is chock full of passionate software developers with valuable knowledge, experience, and talent. Maritime DevCon is a place where we can share our stories and learn from each other.

Your fellow technologists want to hear from you!

This year we are looking for presentations in one of four themes. The themes do not focus on any specific technology or programming language. Our goal is to have interesting sessions on the agenda, not to restrict the topics, so it’s okay if your proposal doesn’t fit exactly. Follow your passions and your expertise.

Theme 1: Established

Best practices, war stories, tips & tricks related to mainstream technologies like Java, .NET, Javascript, relational and non-relational data stores, iOS and Android development, etc.

Theme 2: Emerging

Introductions and tutorials on emerging or niche technologies such as alternative JVM languages, graph databases, serverless computing, etc.

Theme 3: Experience

Professional development advice across a variety of topics that are important to a career in software. Topics can include entrepreneurship, product management, managing or leading teams, working across departments, etc.

Theme 4: Technology for Good and Community Building

Presentations that showcase applications of technology (with an emphasis on software) for changing the world for the better, including but not limited to social, environmental, or cultural progress. 

Please keep in mind:

  • Full Sessions will be 45 minutes 
  • Lightning Talks will be 20 minutes
  • We want to showcase the knowledge and experience from around our region, but there are a limited number of slots available so not all proposals will be accepted.
  • You must have the rights to the material you are presenting and should not present confidential information. Thinly-veiled advertisements for a product, technology, or service will not be accepted – contact us about sponsorship opportunities instead.
  • Presenters will have free attendance at the conference, which includes lunch and snacks. Unless otherwise arranged with the organizing committee, presenters travelling more than 250km to DevCon will have the option of one night hotel accommodations and reimbursement for fuel up to $75. Maritime DevCon reserves the right to ask for receipts and proof of expenses before reimbursement.
  • We will hold a tips & tricks Google Hangout for new and inexperienced presenters
  • The event will take place on Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th at the Wu Conference centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
  • A speaker’s meeting will be held on the morning of each day of the event. This meeting is mandatory. Please let us know of any issues with attending this meeting in the appropriate section of the application.
  • The schedule will be shared with you well in advance of the event and while we will do our best to accommodate special requests, please plan on being available for the entire day of the event.