Good Code, Monitoring and Driving Events!

We’re just a couple weeks away from Maritime DevCon 2019 and we wanted to take some time to run through our schedule and sessions. We will once again be having 3 tracks running in each time block. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in our first block of the day. 

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Chris Dail

Chris Dail is a Senior Director of Software Engineering at Akiri, a healthcare networking startup. He has 15 years of experience building software products in various roles including software developer, architect, and manager. Chris is a programming language enthusiast and is passionate about clean, readable code.

The Good Code


Have you ever worked on a project with code that was an unmaintainable pile of garbage? How did the code get like that? Without the proper attention to code quality, over time, all projects descend into disorder.

Everyone agrees that good code is important but many developers do not really know how to create good code. Chris Dail covers the basics of what good code is, why it is important and how to keep projects from descending into chaos. New software developers will learn tips and tricks to writing good code. Experienced developers will benefit from a refresher and think on some bad habits they may have picked up.

Matthew VanTassel

Matt has spent the last 13+ years as a developer and manager in startups and large corporations, most recently joining RISE as CTO. He has led teams through org restructures, engineering process initiatives, production incidents, and daunting deadlines while maintaining morale, quality, velocity, and release commitments. He’s an ever curious leader who believes life is too short to do something that doesn’t fulfill you.

Matt believes deeply in using data to drive decisions, including analytics and customer feedback. He doesn’t just graph and monitor things at work—he’s fully instrumented his side projects and even graphed his infant son’s feeding and diaper change data!

Monitor All The Things!


Is your production service online and responding? Is it behaving as designed? Is it performant? The answers to those questions are critical early in the design of a successful service but can be added to any existing solution in as quickly as a few minutes.

In this talk, Matt VanTassel will walk through using proven open source technologies such as docker, telegraf, influxdb and grafana to spin up a rock solid monitoring solution that can scale as your business needs grow.

Chris Fullerton

Chris is a Senior Solutions Architect at Blue Spurs. He developed his first computer program in 1975 and at one point had JCPenney’s ecommerce site running on his desktop machine.

After spending nearly a decade in Silicon Valley, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge that covers just about any topic in technology and architecture space, but he is truly passionate about Amazon Web Services, security, golf, and single malt scotch. Chris’ role allows him to focus on helping clients identify and solve their business and technical challenges and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to help clients succeed.

Chris has spoken at numerous AWS user group events and enjoys talking to clients of the challenges and benefits of AWS. He achieved his first AWS certification in 2013 and currently has 6 AWS certifications, including the Security Speciality cert.

Building Event Drive Architectures on AWS

ROOM 203

What is an event driven application and how does it relate to serverless?

There are a number of cloud-native (AWS) tools you can use that go beyond the typical serverless stack. Join Chris Fullerton as he discusses some of these and demos alternatives that can help with creating scalable, decoupled architectures.

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