It was another amazing year for Maritime DevCon 2017 and we want to start our recap with a massive THANK YOU to every single speaker, sponsor, attendee and organizer.  We have already started to talk about what we can do better for next year and if you want to have your say, make sure you fill out our Maritime DevCon 2017 Survey.

Registration/Opening Remarks

The start of the day was early for all us organizers and the UNB Conference Services team as we setup the Wu Centre once more. We love the amazing customer service and superb facilities that we always experience with this awesome team, so our thanks for the day start here.

We also have to give a big shout out and thank you to Cvent and the team from the Cvent Fredericton office for running our registration once again this year. It was quick, painless and started the morning off right!

Derek kicked off the day with the opening remarks including giving a big shout out to our sponsors who are beyond generous with their amazing support! In case you missed it, we want to send out another huge THANK YOU to our sponsors:

Dell EMC
Teledyne CARIS Inc.
Eigen Innovations

Fiddlehead Technologies
Siemens Canada

The Learning Bar
Binary Star

Morning Sessions

Pumped up with excitement and coffee, our attendees enjoyed getting the day kicked off with our morning sessions.

Donald Belcham gave us an Introduction to Messaging. You can check out his slides here.

Jason Cosman talked to us about My Microsoft MVP journey and why you should start yours!. You can check out his slides here.

In our next block of sessions we had Cezar Grzelak present Integration Patterns in the World of Microservices. You can see his slides here and check out the Facebook Live recording.

We also had a session on Raspberry Pi, Beautiful Soup, and the Maker Movement presented by Ricardo Angel. His slides can be found here.

In our last session of this block, we had Chris Dail present Open Source Licensing or Why You Should Hate Facebook. You can find his slides here.

In our final session block before lunch, we had Kathi McCarthy and Tony Sheehan present Agile Ops at Scale. You can see their slides here and the Facebook Live recording as well.

We then had Donald Belcham present How We Work Remotely at Particular and you can check out his slides here.

In the final session of this pre-lunch time block, we had Andrew Burke gave us his session on How I Finally Learned to Use the Magic of Ruby. You can see his slides here.


We again have to send our biggest thanks out to the amazing staff at UNB Conference Services and the Wu Centre. Truly superior customer service and feeding over 160 people is no easy task!

Afternoon Sessions

After we were all refreshed from an awesome lunch meal, we jumped into our afternoon sessions with William McIver Jr. Progressive Web App Development , which you can find his slides here.

Colin Casey gave us his presentation on Observe and Report during this block and his slides are here.

Finally in this block we had Rick Wightman give us a Report From the Hill. His slides are here.

In our mid-afternoon block we kicked it off with Derek Hatchard giving us his session on Beyond Tech: Career Accelerators for Technologists. His slides are here.

We also had Sara Taaffe & Erin Flood give us their session on Open Data: The Citizen Story and you can find their slides here and check out the recording on Facebook Live.

To round out this block of sessions we had Michael Easter give us his presentation on Java 9 Modules for Busy Developers. Get his slides here.

In our final block of sessions for the day we had Brian Dunphy speak on the Rise of the Anti-Manager: “Managing” and Growing Tech Talent. Check out his slides here.

We had Vincent Roy talk us through Chatbots for Fun and Profit and you can check out his slides here.

Finally for the last block of the day, we had William McIver Jr. talk to us about the 2017 Mobile ICT Trends. Grab his slides here.

We want to thank all of our speakers for joining us and presenting their sessions. This event would not be possible with each of them. If you are thinking about speaking next year and have any questions about it, please feel free to reach out.

Door Prizes/Closing Remarks

After a busy day of networking and sessions, we closed out our day by giving away some t-shirts and door prizes, plus Brian managed to get in one last laugh at Derek’s expense which is saved forever on our Facebook Live recording. Big thank you to Rick Wightman for making The Randominator to use for our draws!

After Party

In true Maritime DevCon fashion we closed out another year with a little after party hosted by the great team at Brewbaker’s Bar. Our biggest thanks to them for hosting us!

With that, we have wrapped another year in the books of Maritime DevCon. We are very encouraged by this year’s event and can’t wait to see how we can make next year even better. You can help us by giving your feedback in our Maritime DevCon 2017 Survey.



Maritime DevCon 2017

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