Sometimes we get speakers for Maritime DevCon who are the strong silent types, who prefer their presentations and code to speak for themselves and don’t fill out questions with more than a sentence. Sometimes we call those speakers Chris Nicholls.

Chris isn’t a fan of writing bio’s so every year the team at Maritime DevCon seems to end up writing these blurbs for him, which generally is a bad idea and no one should ever let the board of Maritime DevCon write their bios because we will literally just make things up. So Chris came from Ontario a few years ago. He was won over by our Maritime charm and realized he could just never go back. He met a wonderful woman who he married and they have some wonderful kids together (don’t worry we hear they take after their Mom). He spends his time working at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, learning how to play poker while drinking beer and yelling things about Ontario and has even found a love of hiking and using recreational vehicles to drive through the woods. We think he’s acclimated nicely to our environment.

Chris, if you were a programming language or technology, which one would you be and why?

Java because I’m actually valuable in production environments.

What do you like best about Maritime DevCon?

Meeting other people in the local(ish) community.

Why do you feel your session, Introduction to Data Science using Apache Spark, would bring value to Maritime DevCon attendees?

Data science is the hotness.

What is the key take away attendees will get from your session Introduction to Data Science using Apache Spark?

How to get started with exploring data in spark.

Thanks for joining us to present Chris!

If you would like to attend Chris’s session, make sure you’ve downloaded the Maritime DevCon app from the iTunes Store or Google Play. You can also view the schedule here.