Let’s finish off the week with getting to know another one of our speakers for Maritime DevCon 2018, Brendan Wood.

Brendan is a software developer and entrepreneur from Fredericton, NB. Though he has a background in robotics, he made the switch to software in 2008 and has been dreaming in code ever since. Brendan enjoys building things, canoeing, and wrestling with his two kids.

So Brendan, if you were a programming language or technology, which one would you be and why?

I would be the scientific method because it is the most successful method for systematically discovering knowledge that humanity has yet conceived. It is adaptable, self-correcting, and makes it hard to hide the truth.

What do you like best about Maritime DevCon?

The relaxed atmosphere.

Why do you feel your session, How to Build Your Own Robo-Advisor, will bring value to Maritime DevCon attendees?

As developers, we like to tinker and understand the inner workings of larger systems. Financial systems have been opaque and high-barrier-to-entry for most of history, but that’s starting to change with programmable bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, and other innovations. Managing your own investments can be a fun (and lucrative) hobby with plenty of depth. This talk is intended to be a starting point for anyone who is interested in using software to take more control over their financial future.

What is the key take away attendees will get from your session?

 Attendees will learn that using software to help manage their retirement portfolio is easier than it appears.

Thank you in advance for joining us for Maritime DevCon 2018 Brendan!