Middle of the week and only 23 days left before Maritime DevCon takes over your life, so you better start getting to know the speakers you’ll be listening to. Today, let’s get to know another speaker who will be give us insight into developing a design system that we know so many of us out there could use. Yes, we are looking at you. You know who you are. Meet Kayte McLaughlin.

Kayte is a designer, developer, and illustrator with web design and development roots dating back to 1998, “when spacer gifs were a thing and tables were the page layout weapon of choice.” As a design and development specialist for the Province of Nova Scotia (Canada) and a Drupal developer, she wears many hats.

So Kayte, if you were a programming language or technology, which one would you be and why?

SASS because its semantically awesome.

What do you like best about Maritime DevCon?

I look forward to finding out!

Why do you feel your session, Developing a Design System with Git, will bring value to Maritime DevCon attendees?

Developing a pattern library of reusable code is a more structured approach to doing something almost all developers do. We all revisit code we wrote, and when we write something really good – we usually reuse it, and want our colleagues to use it too. Setting up a central pattern library in git is a great way for developers across different teams work together to solve common problems.

What is the key take away attendees will get from your session?

Having a common standard and codebase for the elements that make up your apps and websites will make your user experience better.

Thank you in advance for joining us for Maritime DevCon 2018 Kayte!