It’s after 5 PM on Friday with 1 week left until Maritime DevCon which means you only have about 6 hours left to get your tickets at our regular ticket rate before it jumps $20 for late registration. So seriously, get your tickets now! We’ve meet all our speakers for Maritime DevCon 2018, but we still have to meet our panelist for the panel session Panel on Work: BigCo vs SmallCo vs Startup

Work is drastically different in big companies, small companies, and growth-oriented startups. This year at Maritime DevCon, we are assembling a panel of professionals with experience in at least two of these contexts to discuss the pros and cons of each and share stories of times when things went great or went horribly wrong. The panel will be tackling topics like doing things that aren’t your job, the diversity of career growth opportunities in different types of companies, work-life balance, and physical work environments.

On the panel will be Chris Dail, Kathi McCarthy, Kayte McLaughlin, and Nigel Orfei. Derek Hatchard will be moderating the discussion. Let’s learn a bit more about our panelists:

Chris Dail

Chris Dail’s career has taken him through various roles from Developer to Architect and then through the management track to Senior Director. His career has been accented by a series of mergers and acquisitions. He started as an entry-level developer at a company and worked up to lead. They were acquired then acquired again then spun out as a startup then acquired again. And after all that, they were acquired again! (Seriously, did he ever get business cards that weren’t out of date by the time they arrived?) He is back to startup life now at a healthcare tech company.

Kathi McCarthy

Kathi McCarthy joined the tech industry after going back to school in her late twenties. She has worked at startups, small companies, and a Fortune 500 tech company. She has been a developer, a development manager, a director of tech operations (including database operations for a big data system), and a director of site reliability.

Kayte McLaughlin

Kayte McLaughlin has been designing and building websites since 1998 in companies of all sizes, filling a variety of design and developer roles – and a few stints of freelancing in between. From dot-com boom startups to the Nova Scotia provincial government’s Internet strategy team, Kayte has worked in a variety of organizations. When she started at one startup, she had to unbox and build her own desk on her first day!

Nigel Orfei

Nigel Orfei re-located to Fredericton from Calgary in 2008 to join a startup to lead technical support. This grew to include professional services, training, and customer renewals. After a successful acquisition, Nigel eventually felt the itch to go back to smaller company life. He ran customer success for a healthcare IT company before joining a CRM startup as a senior member of the customer success team. If you keep an eye out around Fredericton, you might see him biking up the hill for some Starbucks before biking back down the hill to his office. That’s dedication to your coffee!

Derek Hatchard

Derek Hatchard is the co-founder of the Maritime DevCon developer conference. He has worked as a freelance developer, a small business owner, a startup employee, a small business employee, and a Fortune 500 employee. He has also been a podcast host (, writer, conference speaker, and technical trainer.

Thank you in advance to all our panelists!