Our schedule for Maritime DevCon 2018 was posted out yesterday and we are all starting to get extra excited for the event, so let’s meet the rest of our speakers. Meet Sandy Walsh.

Based in Halifax, Alex ‘Sandy’ Walsh is the owner of Dark Secret Software. He has been a senior professional developer for nearly 20 years, a Pythonista for 10+ years and a Golang developer for the last year. He currently works for Planet Labs on the Public API team. Planet labs has the largest constellation of cubesats in the world and takes over 1.5 million photos of the entire earth every day. Previously, he was a core developer on the OpenStack Nova project with Rackspace.

So Sandy, if you were a programming language or technology, which one would you be and why?

Python … friendly, approachable and not good at concurrency.

What do you like best about Maritime DevCon?

Great community + interesting talks.

Why do you feel your session, Unit tests are dead – Observability enforces a DevOps mindset, will bring value to Maritime DevCon attendees?

About three years ago a new colleague said this to me, “You write unit tests?! Unit tests are like you took your code, stuffed it in a barrel and then filled the barrel with concrete.” Well, I was aghast. I was offended. I was shocked.

I was wrong. He was right.

Since then I’ve largely dropped my unit tests and focused on telemetry and observability and it’s never been better.

This talk will explain that process.

Stop writing unit tests … what more do you want 🙂

What is the key take away attendees will get from your session?

State of the art wrt telemetry / observability, chatops, dashboards, etc.

Thank you in advance for joining us for Maritime DevCon 2018 Sandy!