Our next speakers for you to meet are a dynamic duo that are taking open data by storm, Erin Flood and Sara Taaffe.

Erin is a dog owner, aspiring hobby farmer and entrepreneur. Erin has spent the past four years running a tech startup where her passion weigh most heavily in the exploration of how various data sets could be connected to build stories that would enhance the overall citizen experience. Erin’s passion for innovation and technology can be re ected through her positions as Chairman of the Fredericton Start-Up Task-force and Board Member of the Canadian Open Data Exchange. She received her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University and was inducted into the C100 Top Technology Women in Canada in 2015. When not problem solving with new technologies, you can nd Erin exploring the corners of New Brunswick on her road bike or sail boat.

Sara Taaffe. Data-geek, aspiring-triathlete, and lover of all combinations of chocolate and peanut butter. Sara Taaffe is currently working as a Public Sector Analyst at T4G in Fredericton, NB where she works to deliver solutions using data, technology and design for the public sector. She received her B. Phil in Interdisciplinary Leadership from the University of New Brunswick’s Renaissance College where she developed a passion for social innovation. In her spare time, Sara enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, cooking vegetarian meals, and analyzing various data sets.

So Erin and Sara, what do you like best about Maritime DevCon?

We love that this event brings together a variety of stakeholders within the development community who each bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table. The diversity of content and the hands on approach are also huge bene ts of this conference.

Why do you feel your session, Open Data: The Citizen Story, would bring value to Maritime DevCon attendees?

We feel that this session would bring value as it can demonstrate a different avenue that developers can use their skills towards, as well as highlighting the value of collaboration between the analytical world and the storytelling world.

What is the key take away attendees will get from your session Open Data: The Citizen Story?

The importance of a variety of stakeholders in fully capturing stories derived from analysis of open data as well as the potential that this holds in driving innovations in the services citizens receive from governments.

Thanks for joining us to present Erin & Sara!

If you would like to attend Erin and Sara’s sessions, make sure you’ve downloaded the Maritime DevCon app from the iTunes Store or Google Play. You can also view the schedule here.