For large organizations, managing a broad online experience can be a challenge. Often there are several groups inside the organization with developers making websites and applications. Sometimes these developers are doing things in different languages, on different servers, using different platforms. The user experience should be seamless, but with this many people building things using different methods it can become disjointed and uneven.

Developing a design system of reusable elements is a powerful resource that will save developers time and help achieve a more cohesive experience across websites and apps built by separate teams.

In this talk I will introduce the concept of approaching front-end design as a system and will walk through methodology for determining what pieces should be a part of a pattern library, demonstrating how to set up a code repository of reusable widgets and modules that teams can use.

Speaker: Kayte McLaughlin

Suggested Experience: Basic knowledge of CSS/HTML.

Technologies Used: Git, HTML, CSS, SASS, TWIG, PHP, YML

Keywords: design system, pattern library, reusable code, git workflow

Developing a Design System with Git