What does it mean to be a young, female, technical people manager. Considered a sort of war stories, albeit from an unlikely source. Being a female in the male dominated world of technology has always had its challenges. Acts of sexism and ageism have become a subtle but still very prevalent art form. Movements like Women In Tech work hard to bring attention to the matter, but how do we overcome it as an industry?

Drawing on personal experience with both real and perceived acts of sexism and ageism within the workplace, this talk will cover some common challenges that women face in the workplace, and give first-hand experience on how I have approached and addressed various situations that have happened to me. More importantly, I want to talk about why, maybe now more than ever, I am inspired to do better by my female counterparts. How do we, as women in tech, inspire other females? How do we encourage the men around us to inspire the women in their lives? How do we, as an industry, do better?

Speaker: Terri McAllister

Suggested Experience: Any.

Technologies Used: None.

Keywords: womenintech, sherules, leadership

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly