We will introduce Augmented Reality, give an overview of current development options, and then introduce an free and open-source cross platform tool. The current options for augmented reality development are either to develop for each platform natively, which has a steep learning curve, or to develop using a game engine like Unity or Unreal.

We plan to introduce the audience to UrhoSharp, an engine for developing augmented reality applications in C# (and .NET). We will show how to set up an UrhoSharp project and get started developing an cross platform augmented reality application. UrhoSharp can be used for the HoloLens, iOS and Android.

Speakers: Ryan Groom and David Murphy

Suggested Experience: Familiarity with game engines like Unity would help, but this is intended as an introductory talk.

Technologies Used: C#, UrhoSharp, HoloLens

Keywords: Augmented Reality, HoloLens, UrhoSharp

Introduction to Augmented Reality Development with UrhoSharp