With the proliferation of cloud computing, companies are able to invest less time provisioning new hardware and more time delivering code to end users. Being able to create new servers in minutes rather than days or weeks empowers developers to quickly try new things followed by tearing down those resources once they are no longer needed.

The next evolution of cloud computing is to avoid server management and instead focus entirely on application code delivery. Developers can deploy units of code to perform a specific task or group of tasks without spending any time provisioning or configuring a server. This talk will highlight the key components of a serverless architecture and give a brief overview of the tools offered by Amazon Web Services to support a serverless model. The tools and techniques can be easily extended to other cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Speaker: Eric Tucker

Suggested Experience: Some introductory experience with cloud computing will help (AWS a plus) but it will not be required.

Technologies Used: AWS Cognito, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, Python

Keywords: serverless, nosql, api, cloud, lambda

Introduction to Serverless Architecture