In 2012, Salesforce began a quest to improve the way they respond to critical incidents. Research in the field determined the Incident Management System (IMS) from the world of fire response could be adapted to technology operations. The talk will describe IMS as a process and how it is applied within the Salesforce family.

The talk will also discuss the Incident Management Console (IMC), an internally developed tool designed to assist the IMS process. After reviewing the genesis of IMC as a customized page view for Salesforce Case objects, we’ll talk about the evolution into IMCv2 built on top of Salesforce’s open source Refocus framework ( and running on Heroku.

Speaker: Jason Tatem

Suggested Experience: All levels are appropriate.

Technologies Used: Salesforce, Heroku, Refocus, Node.js

Keywords: Incident Management, Salesforce, Heroku

It’s About Time – Improving incident response with IMS