Agile development methods are now well established and they have proven quite useful in adjusting development based on results from the previous iteration. However when working with large products and client proxies the true feedback loop is actually is much longer than a single sprint. This is a quite a problem when dealing with User Experience (UX) and usability changes. Those changes are as likely to create new annoyances to users as they are to improve their lives.

This talk will go over the lessons learned from a large usability improvement release. It will go over the pain points were and the solutions that have been implemented at Teledyne-CARIS to get to better UX designs by shortening the feedback loop.

Speaker: Patrick Bradley

Suggested Experience: None

Technologies Used: Prototyping and collaboration tools: Invision, Adobe XD, Confluence

Keywords: UX, Agile, Usability, Prototyping

When usability isn’t useful – lessons learned in UX design