Kotlin is a statically typed, concise, safe and pragmatic programming language that runs on the JVM and other platforms. It has been gaining in popularity over the last year ever since Google announced official support for Kotlin on Android. There are a lot of misconceptions out there of what Kotlin is and what it is good for. This talk focuses on dispelling some myths about kotlin and serves as a general introduction to the language.

Akiri has been using Kotlin for server and API development, replacing a traditional Java based stack. Content for this talk is based on practical experience building a product using Kotlin.

Speaker: Chris Dail

Suggested Experience: Some knowledge of other programming languages would be helpful. Java experience would be helpful but not required.

Technologies Used: Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, JVM

Keywords: Kotlin, Intro, Java, Object Oriented Programming, Procedural Programming, Functional Programming

val kotlin: Introduction