Patrick started his career as a mechanical engineer and production supervisor at a manufacturing company, finding ways to improve the manufacturing processes. He was looking for something more exciting, however, so Patrick went to Marburg, Germany to study computer science and reoriented his career into IT. He has now been working for over 18+ year in the geospatial software industry.

Patrick started work at Teledyne-CARIS as a developer, eventually becoming development manager of their C++ framework group. He was responsible for the adoption of Agile processes in 2007 before they were widely adopted in the Maritimes and became certified as a Scrummaster a few years later.

Patrick is currently Director of Engineering at Teledyne-CARIS managing a group of around forty developers. In a way an important part of his work is still to find ways to improve processes and interactions with technology.

Maritime DevCon 2018

Patrick makes is first appearance at Maritime DevCon with his talk When usability isn’t useful – lessons learned in UX design.

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