Maritime DevCon is just a few short days away and you should already have your ticket, but if you haven’t grabbed one yet you have until Friday at noon to get one at the late registration cost. To make sure you have the best Maritime DevCon experience, we’ve put together a little list for you. We call it:

How To Survive

  1. Make sure you have purchased your ticket!
  2. Take a look at the schedule ahead of time, so you know what sessions you are interested in. You can see the schedule on our website here.
  3. Doors open at 8:30 AM. Don’t show up before 8:30 AM and if you do, don’t be surprised if we make you help hang posters or perform other setup related tasks.
  4. Keep in mind though that the keynote starts at 9:30 AM on the dot so make sure you give yourself enough time to register, get your badge, grab a coffee and find a seat.
  5. We use a check-in app from our sponsor Cvent so when you do arrive look for one of our iPads, check yourself in and then head over to our badge pick up to grab your badge.
  6. Get the WiFi password at the start of the day.
  7. We fully appreciate tweeting, facebook posts, instagram snaps, etc. but we also want you to enjoy the day and the events so when not in use, tuck those cell phones away.
  8. Turn the sound off on your phone. It’s really disruptive if someone’s MmmBop ring tune goes off during a presentation, so switch the sound off.
  9. Bring business cards for networking opportunities throughout the day.
  10. Wear a nice top! IntroHive is sponsoring a photo booth with a photographer and backdrop so you can get a new, updated profile pic for your Linkedin profile.
  11. Please wear bottoms too.
  12. Bring your phone charger!! We’ll have some power strips available to plug into on breaks.
  13. Follow our conference guidelines. We’ve never had to ask someone to leave, so let’s keep that record going so we can all have a fun and respectful day.
  14. Don’t leave before the door prizes! If you aren’t in the room, you don’t win the prize.
  15. Make sure you keep your evening free for the after party happening at Corked Wine Bar from 5:15 pm – 7:00 pm. Thank you to Blue Spurs for sponsoring this year’s after party.
  16. If you want to see the slides and get our survey to give your feedback after the conference, make sure you are signed up for our newsletter.
  17. When in doubt, ask an organizer.  You can see a full list of us here. 

Have more tips about how to survive Maritime DevCon? Share them on our Twitter and Facebook for everyone to see!