Today we take a short break from meeting our speakers to show off our schedule of sessions for Maritime DevCon 2018.  A few things to remember:

  • All main sessions happen in the Kent Auditorium
  • Each session block has 3 different sessions for you to choose from
  • There’s no pre-registering for sessions so seating is based on first people in the rooms, get the seats
  • Sessions fall within 3 different areas:
    • Established: Best practices, war stories, tips & tricks related to mainstream technologies like Java, .NET, Javascript, relational and non-relational data stores, iOS and Android development, etc.
    • Emerging: Introductions and tutorials on emerging or niche technologies such as alternative JVM languages, server-side Javascript, graph databases, natural language processing, etc.
    • Experience: This track is designed to offer professional development advice across a variety of topics that are important to a career in development, but aren’t always top of mind. Topics can include entrepreneurship, product management 101, how to manage a team, how to be a successful team lead or scrum master, how to work with different departments.

So have a look at the schedule, start planning your day and if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, what are you waiting?! Get Your Ticket Now!

2018 Maritime DevCon Schedule

Time to Plan Your Day At Maritime DevCon 2018

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